Gate remote controls - how to choose the right remote control for our automation?

Gate automation is a way to make your everyday life easier by remotely controlling your gate. Introducing this technology to our property can save us a lot of time, but what should we do if our gate remote control is damaged? What to choose, original gate remote controls or substitutes? If you want to find out the answers to these questions, read on.

Broken gate remote controls – should we throw them away?

Nowadays, you may get used to the fact that most items are disposable devices. Which, if damaged, goes to the trash. However, in the case of equipment such as gate remote controls, the situation is different because depending on how the remote control was damaged, we can reuse it. If we see that the damage is only superficial and the mechanical damage only affects the casing, we can buy replacement ones housings for remote controls, because this solution will help us save our funds, and we will also use our original remote control.

This will not only be cheaper for us, but will also reduce the use of materials. Which the producer would have to use to produce a new remote control. Of course, the saving of raw materials caused by one person is completely negligible, but if, in the event of damage to the remote control, each person only decided to replace the casing, we could actually reduce the consumption of raw materials. Taking into account both the savings in money and materials, we can confidently say that damaged remote controls should not be thrown away.

Replacements or original gate remote controls, which one to choose?

The debate about which gate remote controls to choose has been going on for a long time. We will find supporters of both replacements and original replacement remote controls. These remote controls come directly from the manufacturer. In fact, you may find that the original remotes will be better replicated. Therefore, depending on the specific model, we may be dealing with equipment whose replacements will be a better option. For example, the original one BFT MITTO remote control will be a great choice. It is produced by the Italian company BFT. Therefore, the factor that may influence your decision to buy a replacement is its price.

In case we need gate remote controls, but we care more about the price. That's why you should choose replacements that are made like the original remote controls. Choosing such products will ensure that we have chosen a replacement that will certainly function properly with our gate.  

Now that we know the differences between different types of remote controls, we can wonder which option to choose. Before making a decision, we should make calculations and our expectations. Then choose the equipment that will satisfy you, because then you will be sure that you have made the right purchase decision regarding the purchase of a new remote control.

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