Modern Security Solutions: Proximity Readers Without Keyboard

Comfort and Safety in One

Proximity readers without a keyboard are innovative solutions that ensure convenience and security during the identification and access process. We provide you with modern devices that enable quick and hassle-free authentication, eliminating the need to use traditional keyboards.

Simplicity of Operation, High Level of Security

Our keyboardless proximity readers provide:

  • Fast Authentication : Thanks to contactless technology, users can quickly and easily verify their identity by tapping their card or token against the reader.
  • Convenience of Use : Eliminating the keyboard makes the identification process even more intuitive and convenient for users.
  • Data Security : Unique contactless cards or tokens provide a high level of security, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access.
Applications of Proximity Readers Without Keyboard

Our solutions are used in many areas, including:

  • Access Control : They are used to control access to buildings, office rooms, warehouses and other protected areas.
  • Payment Systems : They are also used in contactless payment systems in companies, universities and public institutions.
  • Working Time Registration : They are used to record employees' working time, which enables effective personnel management.