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Photocells for HPC gates (HPC/T+HPC/R)

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Gate automation is becoming more and more popular in both residential and industrial facilities. A key element that ensures the safe and effective operation of these systems are photocells for gates. In the Ster-Tronic store we offer a wide selection of photocells that increase the functionality and safety of automatic gates. In this article, we will present what photocells are, how they work and why they are necessary in modern gate automation systems.

What are photocells for gates?

Photocells are optoelectronic devices that detect the presence of objects on the path of the moving part of the gate. They usually consist of two elements: a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter emits a beam of light that is received by the receiver. When the beam is interrupted by an obstacle, the system automatically stops the gate's movement, preventing potential accidents and damage.

Why are photocells necessary?

Photocells for gates perform several key functions that make them an indispensable element of any gate automation system:

  1. Security: They prevent accidents by stopping the gate when an obstacle is detected. This is especially important in high-traffic areas such as housing estates, parking lots and industrial facilities.
  2. Protection of property: Protect vehicles and other objects from damage by automatically closing gates.
  3. Comfort of use: Automatic detection of obstacles makes using the gate more convenient and intuitive to eliminate the need to manually control its movement.

Types of photocells for gates

Ster-Tronic's offer includes various types of photocells, adapted to various needs and installation conditions:

  1. One-way photocells: The simplest type, consisting of separate transmitter and receiver. The transmitter emits a beam of light that the receiver receives, creating a light barrier.
  2. Two-way photocells: Both elements - the transmitter and the receiver - are located on both sides of the crossing, which increases resistance to interference and improves operational reliability.
  3. Reflective photocells: The integrated transmitter and receiver reflect the light beam off a special reflector, simplifying installation and adjustment.

How to choose the right photocells?

When choosing photocells for your gate automation system, it is worth paying attention to several key aspects:

  1. Operating range: Make sure the photocells have enough range to cover the width of your gate.
  2. Resistance to weather conditions: Choose photocells with a high tightness class that will operate reliably even in difficult weather conditions.
  3. Compatibility: Check whether the selected photocells are compatible with the gate automation system you have or plan to install.


Photocells for gates are an essential element of modern automation systems, ensuring safety, property protection and comfort of use. At the Ster-Tronic store, we offer a wide range of photocells that will meet even the most demanding needs. Whether you need simple one-way photocells or advanced reflective solutions, you're sure to find something for yourself. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer and choose appropriate products that will increase the safety and convenience of your automatic gate.