Genius is a company with a dynamic organization serving its customers. It is a forward-looking project built on solid foundations from the past. We are a company that invests in the future: Research and development of new products and technologies. Exclusively in-house production "Made in Italy". Extensive equipment for research and production control. After-sales service. GENIUS is a dynamic company in which staff, clients and business partners cooperate with each other to make their IDEAS come true. Origin and Italian features allow the expression of tradition and improvement of the latest technologies based on a strong technical base and human resources. OUR GOAL IS YOUR SATISFACTION Research and Development. The experience and competences of Genius, together with its technological resources and those of Leader Group, in which Genius plays a key role, are an important element of the market, often characterized by insufficient quality of products and services. Investments focused on research and innovation have resulted in good results and encourage us to seek technological perfection. We try to anticipate the needs of our customers in the future.