Battery for garage drive in HATO housing 24V 2.4 Ah

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Battery for garage drive in HATO housing 24V 2.4 Ah

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Battery for garage drive in HATO housing 24V 2.4 Ah

In the event of a power failure or lack of electricity, the HATO drive automatically switches the actuator to emergency battery power. During power supply, the battery is charged.

  • Battery type: lead-acid
  • Voltage: 24V
  • Capacity: 2.4 Ah
  • Dimensions 20.5cm x 15cm x 8cm


Battery for a garage drive in a HATO housing 24V 2.4 Ah - with its help, power failure will no longer be a problem!

A power outage can be really troublesome, especially if there is a gate using electric solutions on our property. To avoid troublesome situations, it is worth equipping yourself with a garage drive battery in a HATO 24V 2.4 Ah housing. With its help, a power outage will no longer be a problem for us, because the battery will provide energy that will easily open and close it.

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