BBST radio receiver (fixed code) compatible with BENINCA/BFT drives

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Equivalent to BENINCA or BFT control panel control cards, two original channels, possibility of entering 27 buttons of remote controls with fixed code (433.92MHz), e.g. FLO, CAME TAM, CAME TOP, BENINCA T2WK, T4WK,CHAMBERLAIN (fixed code), PORTOS, YOODA and many many more + additionally, you can program variable code remote controls
other manufacturers.
The card can simultaneously work with remote controls from the following manufacturers (the analyzed constant part of the remote control code): Smilo, FAAC Fix, FAAC Rc, Beninca, Came Space, Wiśniowski, Mhouse, Moovo, Elmes, Gorke, DTM System, BFT, Key, Inel, Solo, Tousek and many others.
Power supply  from the control panel    
Power consumption 12mA
Frequency 433MHz
Number of pilots 27 buttons
Number of channels 2
Channel modes TDJN, Bistable
Dimensions 41 x 16 x 48 mm
Libra 20g
  • 27 remote control buttons,
  • two channels + LED,
  • two operating modes: bistable with reset, TDJN – As Long As You Press,
  • a single button on the remote control can be removed, the remote control with the button to be removed must be accessible,
  • power supply from the control panel board,
  • optical confirmation of receiving the pilot signal,
  • optical information about the number of registered remote control buttons,
  • There are many permanent coding systems on the market, in order to ensure high response speed to the remote control and full analysis of the remote control code, controllers are made in several code versions:
  • P- popular remote controls such as FLO, CAME TAM, CAME TOP, BENINCA T2WK, T4WK, etc.,
  • I – remote controls imported – mainly from China, Erreka,
  • Y - YOODA and PORTOS roller blind remote controls,
  • U- USA Chamberlain remote controls – LiftMaster – Motor Lift, models 4330E 4332E, 4333E, 4335E, 4335EML etc.,
  • additionally, the controller accepts fixed-code variable-code remote controls with the HCS system,

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