BFT Radius P123025 signal lamp base

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Base signal lamp BFT Radius (P123025) is a component assembly intended for mounting the Radius signal lamp from BFT. This is the part that allows the lamp to be stably placed at the right height and in the right place. Providing it with adequate lighting and visibility. If you need detailed information on this basis, I can try to help you further troubleshoot the problem.

Signal lamp bases are designed to ensure stability. Safety of lamp installation. They can be made of various materials, such as metal, aluminum or plastics, depending on the operating conditions and requirements for durability and resistance to weather conditions.

Common features may include:

  • Mechanisms for adjusting the height or angle of inclination, enabling precise adjustment of the lighting direction.
  • Special holders or mounting systems for easy attachment of the lamp to the base.
  • Appropriate holes and holders for cable management and ensuring aesthetic and safe installation.

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