ON/OFF control panel S-APZ 4-1R/2.N, with PHZ 094.12N2.10

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Die-cast aluminum key combination with mechanical safety lock.

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Solid metal housing, timeless design, multifunctional insert, large structure with plenty of space for wiring, IP 54 protection level, burglary protection thanks to a mechanical security lock

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Geba is a renowned manufacturer and supplier of high-quality solutions in the field of gate automation, access control systems and parking systems. For years, it has specialized in the design, production and distribution of technologically advanced devices that ensure safety, comfort and efficiency for users. Geba stands out not only for its innovative approach to the design of its products, but also for its attention to high quality of workmanship and functionality. Their offer includes a variety of products, such as automation for sliding, swing and garage gates, access control systems based on proximity cards, and intelligent parking systems that ensure optimal management of parking space. Geba is recognized by customers both on the domestic and international markets, thanks to solid products, professional customer service and continuous technological development. Their solutions are used in both the private and public sectors, providing comprehensive solutions for a variety of access control and automation needs. With the dynamic development of technology and growing customer expectations, Geba is constantly expanding its offer with new products and services, remaining a leader in the automation and access control systems industry.


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