eLB6THk 230VAC controller, rolling gates, 433.92MHz

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Controller power supply: 230V AC, Controller output voltage: 230 V AC, Maximum output power: 800 W Remote control frequency: 433.92 MHz, Remote control memory: 34, Supported remote controls: 2k433 4A433 4E433

  • Supply voltage: 230V AC
  • Output voltage: 230V AC
  • Built-in radio receiver: YES
  • Supported gateway type: GARAGE DOOR
  • Encoder support: NO
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eLB6 – Gate or garage drive controller up to 700 W

eLB6 volo a controller for gate and garage drives using a single-phase reversible (roller) motor with built-in limit switches, powered by 230 Vac. Automatically recognizes the activation of the limit switch. It has a built-in radio receiver. Perfect for continuous operation. It can be used in housing estate parking lots, private properties and companies.

eLB6 is available in versions:

  • eLB6E – works in KeeLoq® High Security mode and works with Eldrim and Elbram remote controls
  • eLB6Ek – works in KeeLoq® High Security mode, works with Eldrim remote controls and has a 3-button keypad
  • eLB6H – works with almost all remote controls compatible with the KeeLoq® coding system
  • eLB6Hk – works with almost all remote controls compatible with the KeeLoq® coding system and has a 3-button keypad
  • eLB6THk – works with almost all remote controls, has a 3-button keypad and HOLD TO CLOSE function

Basic features of eLB6:

  • Sequential control using transmitters at 433.92MHz
  • Control with an external manipulator or one located on the housing (Optional)
  • Controlling the manipulator in two ways
  • Automatic closing function
  • Neighborhood function
  • Possibility to install an infrared barrier
  • Photocell testing function
  • OSE type edge strip input (1kHz, 12Vdc)
  • Earlier automatic closing of the gate after passing the infrared barrier
  • Traffic lights for gate movement or switching on the lighting with delayed switching off
  • Engine movement traffic lights
  • Simple installation and programming procedure
  • Convenient IP53 controller housing


eLB6E, eLB6Ek | eLB6H, eLB6Hk, eLB6THk
Power supply 230 Vac ~ 50Hz
Operating temperature range -20ºC / +70ºC
Fuse type 3.15A/230V (FUSE) ø5×20
Minimum standby current consumption < 25 mA (without accessories)
Idle power consumption < 2 W (without accessories)
External dimensions (width x depth x height) 155 mm x 179 mm x 99 mm
IP53 housing
Weight eLB6E, eLB6H – 886geLB6Ek, eLB6Hk – 932g


Motor (voltage, maximum power) 230V, 700W
Lamp output (voltage, maximum power) 230V, 40W – do not use fluorescent lamps
Optical edge protection, three-wire OSE type input (FRABA or Witt), 1kHz, 12Vdc


KeeLoq® transmission standard
Range up to 200m
Modulation type / frequency OOK / 433.92MHz
Antenna input impedance 50 Ω
Antenna: internal antenna, terminals for connecting an external antenna
Supported remote controls 2k433, 4k433, 2A433, 4A433, 4E433 | KeeLoq® 433.92MHz
Remote control memory 34 pcs.


Auto-closing time 5s – 10min
maximum controller operation time 120s
User interface: simple installation of the device, learning and configuration procedure, based on one LED and one button
Transmitter configuration Possibility to assign any button to a channel
Possibility of erasing the entire memory YES
Possibility to delete a single remote control NO
Possibility to enter the remote control without having access to the NO receiver buttons

Files to download:

Additional information




Producent code



Supply voltage:

230V AC

Output voltage:

230V AC

Built-in radio receiver:


Supported gateway type:

garage door

Encoder support:




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