eLR1Q2M; 2-ch receiver; 1,000 pilots; ELDRIM Wiśniowski

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eLR1Q2M radio receiver operates at a frequency of 433.92MHz. The technology used and coding in accordance with the KEELOQ standard ensure that the remote control cannot be copied, thus achieving a high level of security. It is impossible to start the device without the original, previously programmed remote control. The receiver is equipped with two configurable normally open outputs <1A/30V)

Radio receivers from the eLR1 family are available in two configurations:

  • eLR1Q , has two-channel operation and allows you to remember up to 36 remote controls.
  • eLR1Q2 , has dual-channel operation and is equipped with an external EEPROM memory allowing for storing up to 1000 remote controls.


  • Power supply: 12/24V AC/DC
  • Maximum current consumption: max 12mA/60mA when powered by 24Vac.
  • Remote control memory: eLR1Q 36 remote controls from the ELDRIM 433MHz series, each with an individual number in the memory eLR1Q2M 1000 remote controls from the ELDRIM 433MHz series, each with an individual number in the memory
  • Operating temperature range: 20ºC +55ºC
  • External dimensions (width x depth x height): 47 x 67 x 24 mm
  • Housing: ABS splash-proof plastic housing
  • Weight: 62 g

Output parameters

  • Relay outputs (type / quantity / max. load): Two 1A/30Vdc outputs (maximum power 62.5VA/30W)
  • Output operating modes: monostable, bistable operation only for the CH2 channel

Radio parameters  

  • Radio module: integrated, superheterodyne, ensuring high reliability, repeatability and immunity to radio interference
  • Transmission security: 64-bit Keeloq® dynamically variable code
  • Modulation type / frequency: ASK / 433.92 MHz
  • Antenna input impedance: 50 Ω
  • Antenna: internal antenna, terminals for connecting an external antenna


  • User interface: Simple device installation, learning and configuration procedure, based on one LED and one button
  • Remote control configuration: Ability to assign any button to the remote control
  • Possibility to erase the entire memory: yes
  • Possibility of deleting a single remote control: no
  • Possibility to enter the remote control without having to access the receiver's buttons: no

Additional features     

  • Perfect superheterodyne receiver with double interference filtering
  • Non-volatile memory of remote controls
  • Operation in bistable and monostable mode for the CH2 channel
  • Possibility to connect an external antenna

Notes: The radio receiver is a replacement for the no longer produced eL20Q eL20HL eLB-WTB


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