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Photocells are designed to work with gate automation systems. GENIUS-VEGA/BUS photocells have an automatic axis alignment function. The set consists of a transmitter and a receiver.

An infrared beam is sent from the transmitter to the receiver. If an object (e.g. a car or a person) appears in the field of the created barrier, the photocell will react by sending a signal to change the state at the control panel input.

The devices are resistant to moisture penetration and equipped with a housing that protects against unwanted sunlight

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Gate automation is becoming more and more popular, offering convenience and security in everyday use. One of the key elements ensuring the safe operation of automatic gates are photocells. The standout among them is the GENIUS-VEGA/WRL KOMPLET TXRX photocell, which combines advanced technology with operational reliability. In this article, we will take a closer look at this photocell, its functions, advantages and applications.

What is the GENIUS-VEGA/BUS KOMPLET TXRX photocell?

The GENIUS-VEGA/BUS KOMPLET TXRX photocell is an advanced optoelectronic device consisting of two main elements: a transmitter (TX) and a receiver (RX). They work together to create an invisible light barrier. When this barrier is broken by any object, a signal is sent to the gate control panel, which stops its movement. Thanks to this, the photocell effectively prevents accidents and damage.

Key features and benefits

The GENIUS-VEGA/BUS KOMPLET TXRX photocell offers a number of functions to make it a reliable choice for gate automation systems:

  1. Security: The main function of the photocell is to detect obstacles on the gate's path to ensure the safety of users and protect vehicles and other property from damage.
  2. Reliability: GENIUS-VEGA is characterized by high operational reliability, even in difficult weather conditions. The device is resistant to rain, snow and dust to ensure long-term and trouble-free use.
  3. Easy to install: The photocell is easy to install, which allows you to quickly launch the gate automation system. The intuitive assembly process means that the device can be installed by both professionals and people with basic technical knowledge.
  4. Versatility: Suitable for various types of gates - both sliding and swing gates. It can be used in single-family houses, housing estates, and industrial facilities.

How does the GENIUS-VEGA/BUS KOMPLET TXRX photocell work?

The operation of the photocell is based on the emission of a light beam by the transmitter (TX) and its reception by the receiver (RX). When this beam is interrupted by an obstacle, e.g. a car or a person, the gate automation system immediately reacts by stopping the gate movement or reversing it. This simple but effective solution significantly increases the security level of gate users.

Application of the GENIUS-VEGA/BUS KOMPLET TXRX photocell

The GENIUS-VEGA/BUS KOMPLET TXRX photocell is widely used in various types of automatic gates:

  • Sliding gates: Perfect for installation in sliding gates, where it ensures uninterrupted operation and protection against accidental damage.
  • Swing gates: Equally effective in swing gates, where it protects users and vehicles when closing or opening the gate.
  • Industrial facilities: In high-traffic areas such as warehouses and factories, the GENIUS-VEGA photocell ensures the safety of employees and equipment.


The GENIUS-VEGA/BUS KOMPLET TXRX photocell is a reliable and versatile solution that increases the safety and convenience of using automatic gates. Thanks to advanced technology and ease of installation, this device is an ideal choice for both owners of single-family houses and managers of industrial facilities. By choosing the GENIUS-VEGA photocell, you are investing in the safety and long-term, failure-free operation of your gate automation system. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer and choose the best solutions for your automatic gate.


Radiation angle: ± 7° @ 15m,
± 13° @ 5m
Operating range: 15 m
Response time: 20 ms
Power supply: 24 May DC – BUS (G-Way)
Power consumption:
  • 10 mA Transmitter
  • 10 mA Receiver
Selected features:
  • Cooperation with the GENIUS gate automation system
  • Possibility to install up to 16 pairs of photocells in one automation system
  • Auto-correction function
  • Modulated infrared beam
  • Thanks to its compact size, it takes up very little space
  • Surface/column mounting
  • Resistance to changes in environmental conditions
  • Compliance with EN 12453 – Type D – Category 3
Case: Plastic
Tightness class: IP54
Color: Black
Working temperature: -20 °C … 55 °C
Libra: 0.042 kg Transmitter/Receiver
Dimensions: 105 x 35 x 25 mm Transmitter / Receiver
Manufacturer / Brand: GENIUS
Guarantee: 2 years

Additional information

Libra 0.12 kg











Genius is an international brand specializing in the production of automation systems for gates, doors, barriers and access control systems. The company was founded in 1985 and has since gained recognition as one of the leading manufacturers in the building automation market. The main products offered by Genius include motors for sliding, swing and garage gates, roller shutter and awning drives, remote control systems, remote controls, photocells, access control systems and other gate automation accessories. They are characterized by solid workmanship, reliability and advanced functionalities that ensure safety, comfort and convenience for users. Genius is known for its commitment to technological innovation and continuous development of its products. The company constantly introduces new solutions that are in line with the latest trends and standards in the automation industry. In addition, Genius also offers professional technical advice and after-sales service, which contributes to customer satisfaction and building lasting business relationships. Thanks to its solid reputation, high-quality products and commitment to technological development, Genius has gained recognition among customers around the world. Its products are used in various sectors, from single-family homes to commercial facilities, ensuring not only safety, but also convenience and efficiency in everyday use.


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