Long electric strike cassette – galvanized

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Long electric strike cassette, profile 40x40x2 mm, height 352 mm. Universal cassette - adapted to the right and left side.

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Long electric strike cassette – galvanized

The long electric strike cassette - galvanized is a high-quality component that is ideal for use in various systems doors and gates. Made of solid materials and designed for durability and reliability, it is a perfect solution for users looking for effective and durable products. security measures.


  • Making a profile: 40x40x2mm
  • Overall height: 352 mm
  • Shell: All galvanized
  • Support plate: Contains
  • Libra: 0.92 kg
  • Additional equipment: Has built-in bumper rubbers

Features and benefits:

  1. Solid workmanship: The electric strike cassette is made of a 40x40x2 mm profile to ensure high durability and stability. The structure is resistant to mechanical damage and ensures long-term use.
  2. Galvanized surface: The entire cassette is galvanized to guarantee high resistance to corrosion and weather conditions. Galvanizing increases the durability of the product, protecting it against rust and other harmful external factors.
  3. Includes a stop plate: The cassette is equipped with a stop plate to increase its functionality and allows easy installation in various door and gate systems. The stop plate ensures stability and improves the operation of the entire mechanism.
  4. Built-in bumper rubbers: Thanks to the built-in bumper rubbers, the electric strike cassette ensures quiet and smooth operation of the mechanism to extend its service life. The rubber bands minimize noise and vibration when closing and opening the door or gate to increase comfort of use.
  5. Optimum height: With a total height of 352 mm, the electric strike cassette is suitable for a wide range of applications. Its size allows easy adaptation to various types of doors and gates, ensuring universality and flexibility of installation.
  6. Lightweight construction: The cassette weighs only 0.92 kg to facilitate its installation and does not additionally burden the door or gate structure. The lightness of the product does not affect its durability and functionality, which makes it an ideal choice for any security system.


The long electric strike cassette - galvanized, is used in various door and gate security systems, both in residential and commercial buildings. Thanks to its solid construction, corrosion resistance and additional functions, it is ideal for installation in entrance doors, wickets, entrance gates and other systems where reliability and durability are crucial.


The long electric strike cassette - galvanized is a product that combines high quality of workmanship, reliability and functionality. Its solid construction, galvanized surface and built-in bumper rubbers make it an ideal solution for anyone looking for durable and effective components for door and gate systems. By choosing our electric strike cassette, you are investing in safety to increase long-term use.

Product code height [mm] finish
70.601 352 galvanized


  • Profile made 40x40x2 mm
  • Total height 352 mm
  • All galvanized
  • Includes a stop plate
  • Weight: 0.92 kg
  • It has built-in bumper rubbers

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