Photocells for HPC gates (HPC/T+HPC/R)

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The HPC2 photocell set consists of the HPC2-T transmitter and the HPC2-R receiver. It uses daylight filters and a snow protection function. HPC2 has the ability to operate in two transmission channels, enabling the installation of two pairs of photocells with an overlapping optical coverage area.

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Photocells for gates HPC is an advanced device designed to protect automatic gate systems, including entrance gates, garage gates and industrial gates. The set consists of an HPC-T transmitter and an HPC-R receiver, providing full support for safe and reliable operation of the gate.

Key Features:

  • HPC-T transmitter and HPC-R receiver: Complete devices to ensure precise and stable operation of photocells.
  • HPC photocell covers: They protect devices against mechanical damage and weather conditions to extend their service life.
  • Daylight filters: The filters used eliminate interference caused by sunlight to ensure reliable operation in all lighting conditions.
  • Protection function against falling snow: Special design and protective functions guarantee reliable operation even in difficult winter conditions.
  • Two transmission channels: The HPC photocell set allows operation in two transmission channels to allow the installation of two pairs of photocells with an overlapping optical coverage area. This allows for additional security and flexibility in system installation.


Photocells for gates HPC is an ideal solution for all types of automatic gates, both in domestic and industrial applications. They are perfect where high reliability and safety are required, as well as where weather conditions may be a challenge.

Technical Specifications:

  • Range: 1.5-30 m
  • Supply voltage: 10-24Vac, 12-34Vdc
  • Current consumption: HPC-T transmitter <30mA, HPC-R receiver <40mA
  • IR transmission: 950 nm
  • Transmission angle: 20°
  • Output type: relay, NC/NO contacts
  • Output load: 1A/24VDC, 62.5VA, 30W
  • Response time: <50 ms
  • Minimum output activation time: 0.5s
  • LED signaling (HPC2-R receiver): GREEN – OK signal (>75%)
  • ORANGE OK signal (<75%)
  • RED no signal
  • Connector type: screw terminal, max. 1.5mm2
  • Housing material: ALTUGLAS Resino V835T
  • Degree of protection: IP65.
  • Operating temperature: -20…+50°C
  • Storage temperature: -35…+70°C
  • Weight: HPC-R 61g, HPC-T 55g
  • Dimensions (width x depth x height): 80x45x33mm


HPC photocells with HPC photocell covers are technologically advanced devices to guarantee the highest level of safety and reliability for automatic gate systems. Thanks to the technologies used, such as daylight filters and snow protection, these photocells will work in all conditions to ensure trouble-free operation of the gate all year round.

Product features:

  • range up to 30m
  • daylight filter to eliminate interference
  • high type of housing protection to ensure tightness of the housing against weather conditions
  • cable gland
  • quick connection with screw connectors to facilitate installation
  • wide supply voltage range: 10-24Vac – 12-34Vdc
  • protected against reverse polarity
  • NC/NO relay output
  • transmission angle adjustment
  • signal level indicator on LEDs
  • delay function
  • protection against falling snow
  • two transmission channels


HPC-T transmitter – 1 pc. HPC-T receiver – 1 pc. HPC-PR photocell cover – 2 pcs.

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