NICE ERA M photocells for gates

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Nice EPMOB photocells (transmitter + receiver), range 30m, adjustable 30°, BLUEBUS. Modern EPMOB photocells for external installation are a combination of excellent technical parameters and excellent design.

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NICE ERA M photocells with 30° lens adjustment and the BlueBUS system are advanced devices designed to protect automatic entrance, garage and industrial gates. Thanks to innovative technology and flexibility of installation, these photocells ensure a high level of safety and comfort of use to operate for a long time.

Features and benefits:

  1. 30° lens adjustment:
    • NICE ERA M photocells offer the ability to adjust the lens within a range of 30° to enable precise setting of the detection angle and adaptation of the device to specific installation conditions.
  2. BlueBUS technology:
    • The BlueBUS system allows you to easily connect devices using two cables, which significantly simplifies the installation and configuration of photocells in the gate automation system.
  3. Precise detection:
    • Advanced infrared sensors guarantee effective detection of obstacles in the gate's path, minimizing the risk of collisions and damage.
  4. Resistance to weather conditions:
    • NICE ERA M photocells are resistant to rain, dust and other unfavorable weather conditions thanks to the high IP44 protection level, which ensures reliable operation all year round.
  5. Compact and elegant design:
    • The slim and modern casing of the photocells provides an aesthetic appearance that fits perfectly with various types of gates without disturbing their aesthetics.
  6. Compliance with safety standards:
    • The device meets all required safety standards, which guarantees the protection of both people and property.

Technical Specifications:

  • Model: NICE ERA M
  • Lens adjustment: 30°
  • Detection range: up to 20 meters
  • Supply voltage range: 12-24V AC/DC
  • System: BlueBUS
  • Output Signal Type: NO/NC (Normally Open/Close)
  • Level of security: IP44
  • Working temperature: -20°C to +50°C


NICE ERA M photocells with 30° lens adjustment and BlueBUS technology are ideal for a wide range of applications in gate automation systems. They are perfect for entrance, garage and industrial gates to offer installation flexibility, high level of security and operational reliability.

Instructions for use:

  1. Installation:
    • Install the photocells on stable surfaces facing each other, at an appropriate height, so that they can effectively detect obstacles. Thanks to the lens adjustment in the range of 30°, you can precisely adjust the detection angle.
    • Connect the device to the power and gate control system using the BlueBUS system to simplify the installation process.
  2. Configuration:
    • Set the appropriate operating parameters using the lens adjustment options and the BlueBUS system so that the photocells operate optimally in your environment.
  3. Testing:
    • Carry out function tests by simulating the presence of an obstacle to check whether the gate responds correctly to detection signals.
  4. Maintenance:
    • Regularly check the technical condition of the device and clean the surface of the sensors to ensure their reliability and precision of operation.

NICE ERA M photocells with 30° lens adjustment and the BlueBUS system are a reliable solution for anyone looking for an advanced, easy to install and effective obstacle detection system for automatic gates. Thanks to them, users can enjoy full safety and comfort in everyday use of their gate systems.

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