Remote control 4A433 433.92MHz eLdrim Wiśniowski ELBRAM

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Manufacturer: Wiśniowski Model: 4A433 Frequency: 433.92 MHz Number of channels: 4 Coding type: rolling code Power supply: 12V

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Remote control 4A433 433.92MHz eLdrim Wiśniowski ELBRAM - a way to restore the operation of the automatic gate!

The comfort of using an automatic gate is really satisfying. However, problems arise when the remote control is damaged and we do not have an additional controller. That's why the 4A433 433.92MHz eLdrim Wiśniowski ELBRAM remote control is a great solution, regardless of whether we need to use it as a main remote control or a spare one, just waiting for emergency use.

Gate remote control with durable battery

We always offer our clients the highest quality equipment from experienced manufacturers. The 4A433 remote control is a perfect example of this. The device has one place for a 27 A battery, which allows you to use the remote control function for a very long time. You can rest assured about opening and closing the gate. The equipment will not fail at the least expected moment.

Special features of the gate remote control 4A433 433.92 MHz Keeloq Wiśniowski ELBRAM

For this model, the carrier frequency is 433.92 MHz. Signal transmission is protected by a serial number with a complex configuration. Thanks to this, only you can open and close the gate exactly when you want it.

Functional gate remote control 4A433

The external part of the remote control has 4 buttons, and the casing is connected to a gadget that allows you to attach the device to keys or a pendant. The item is available in silver and black.

Four-channel remote control 4A433 433.92MHz Keeloq eLdrim ELBRAM Wiśniowsk

A remote control with a dynamically variable code based on the Keeloq system from Microchip Technology Inc.. Each code transmission is different thanks to the use of a non-linear algorithm that generates a 66-bit code combined with a 28-bit serial number gives 268 million combinations, and the chance of repeating the same code sequence may occur only after 18 years if we use the remote control ten times a day. Additionally, the remote control uses carrier frequency stabilization, which significantly extends the failure-free operation time, regardless of external conditions.

Technical data 

  • Working frequency:  433.92MHz
  • Transmit signal strength: 0.1mW
  • Remote control power supply: 1x battery 27A 12V (included)
  • Number of channels: 4
  • Coding system: Keeloq
  • Guarantee : 24 months

The remote control works with Wiśniowski remote controls, silver color with the Wiśniowski logo.

eL16Q, eL3V1Q, eL3V5Q, eL1Q, eL6V1Q, eLB, ST1, ST2 controllers

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