Power strip LE-049484 (6 SOCKETS) 1.5 m LEGRAND

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The power strip allows you to connect up to 6 devices simultaneously, with a maximum total load of 3680 W

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The power strip allows you to connect up to 6 devices simultaneously, with a maximum total load of 3680 W


Rated voltage: 230V AC / 50Hz
Total maximum current: 16A
Maximum total load: 3680 W
Number of network sockets: 6 sockets with protective contact 16A/250V CEE 7/5
Cable cross-section: 3 x 1.0 mm²
Cable length: 1.5 m
Case: Plastic
Color: White / Gray
Libra: 0.39kg
Dimensions: 295 x 54 x 37 mm
Manufacturer / Brand: LEGRAND
Guarantee: 2 years

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Libra 0.44kg











Legrand - Industry leader in Electrical and Digital Solutions
Legrand is a global leader in electrical and digital infrastructure, offering innovative solutions for a wide range of applications. For over 150 years, the Legrand brand has been synonymous with quality, reliability and modernity in the electrical installation industry. In this article, we will look at the history, products and values ​​that have made Legrand one of the most important players on the market.
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Legrand offers a wide range of products that meet the needs of both professionals and individual users. These include:
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  2. Switchboards and Modular Equipment
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    • Guarantee of safety and reliability in electrical installations.
  3. Intelligent Building Management Systems
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    • Increasing energy efficiency and user comfort.
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Legrand is a brand that has been setting standards in the electrical and digital industries for years. Thanks to its commitment to quality, innovation and sustainability, Legrand remains a leader in providing reliable and modern solutions. By choosing Legrand products, you are investing in the durability, safety and future of your electrical infrastructure.


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