KEY LUMY-24 gate signal lamp, 24 Vdc

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Signal lamp 24 Vdc, 25 W, with antenna. The new color gives a completely new look to the flashing light and makes the turned off lamp less visible and blends in well with the surroundings.

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Signal lamp for Gates KEY LUMY-24 is a perfect solution for gate automation systems. Ensuring safety and visibility when opening and closing the gate. Below are the detailed information about this lamp:

Key features of the KEY LUMY-24 LED gate signal lamp:

  1. 24 VDC power supply:
    • Standard supply voltage: The power supply for the gate signal lamp is 24 VDC. Which is standard in many electrical installations to facilitate its integration with existing systems.
  2. LED technology:
    • High performance: LEDs are energy-efficient and ensure long lamp life, which translates into lower operating and maintenance costs.
    • Intense light: Emits bright light that is clearly visible from a long distance to increase safety by warning other road users about the gate movement.
  3. Durability and resistance to weather conditions:
    • Solid construction: The lamp is designed to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring long-term outdoor use.
    • Protection against moisture and dust: The lamp is resistant to weather conditions to make it reliable in all conditions.
  4. Easy installation:
    • Simple assembly: The design of the lamp allows for easy and quick installation to allow for quick commissioning and integration with the gate system.
  5. Increased security:
    • Visibility during gate maneuvers: Thanks to its intense light, the lamp effectively warns other road users when the gate is opening or closing, thus preventing potential accidents.


  • Automatic entrance gates: Perfect for use in private homes, companies and wherever automatic entrance gates are installed.
  • Industrial gates: It is also perfect for gate automation systems used in industrial facilities.


The KEY LUMY-24 signal lamp, powered by 230 VAC, is a reliable and efficient device that increases the safety of use of automatic gates. Thanks to LED technology, solid construction and easy installation. This lamp is an excellent solution for warning other road users about the gate movement, minimizing the risk of accidents and collisions.

Duty cycle % 40
Power Vac 24
Peak powerW 25
Insulation class III
Radio frequency MHz 433,92
IP protection level 44
Dimensions (D – D – W) mm 150 – 67 – 160
Weight kg 0,3
Min operating temperature °C -20
Max operating temperature °C +55

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Key Automation is an Italian manufacturer of high-quality gate automation and access control systems. It specializes in the design, production and distribution of innovative solutions that ensure safety, comfort and convenience for users. Key Automation offers a wide range of products, including automation for sliding, swing and garage gates as well as access control systems, including video intercoms and intercoms. These products are characterized not only by solid workmanship and reliability, but also by modern design and advanced functionalities. Key Automation has gained recognition on the market thanks to its innovative approach to the design of its products and commitment to continuous technological development. Their products are used in both the private and commercial sectors, where they provide effective protection and access control. It is also worth noting that Key Automation also focuses on professional customer service and technical support, which contributes to building long-term relationships with customers and satisfaction with the use of their products. Thanks to high quality, innovative solutions and commitment to customer service, Key Automation has gained a reputation as a reliable partner in the gate automation and access control systems industry.


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