Sliding gate ramp handle 70/80 with rollers

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Sliding gate ramp holder for 70×70 and 80×80 rails with rollers.

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Sliding gate ramp handle 70/80 with rollers - choose a solid option!

The handle in our offer is equipped with polyamide rollers, making it a great option that guarantees quiet operation of the gate, while increasing our comfort. Moreover, the handle of the 70/80 sliding gate with rollers is made of steel, making it a solid option that will provide you with comfortable operation of the gate and will also extend its life thanks to the security measures it has.

Sliding gate ramp holder for 70×70 and 80×80 rails with rollers

Steel handle/socket for sliding gate ramp. The ramp holder has polyamide rollers and fits 80x80mm and 70x70mm rails.

Technical data:

  • Two mounting holes
  • For rail 80×80 [mm] and 70×70 [mm]
  • Made of galvanized steel
  • Bumper rubber
  • Polyamide rollers

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