Drive with SPARK 600 Wiśniowski rail

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SPARK drive
SPARK combines all the features of a modern garage door drive. It is easy to program, works perfectly with cable smart home systems, is quiet (thanks to a fixed chain bus) and reliable.

A number of safety solutions help you design a functional and practical garage. SPARK has amperometric obstacle detection and works with photocells and emergency power batteries.

Modern SPARK drive
The standard SPARK drive guarantees high comfort and full safety. At the same time, we give you extensive opportunities to develop the functionalities that are most important to you. Discover all the advantages of the SPARK drive and the list of practical options.



  • Easy and quick programming
    You can configure the most important parameters yourself, just program the gate closing end position.
  • Amperometric obstacle detection
    If the lower edge of the gate leaf encounters an obstacle, the drive will stop it and immediately change the direction of movement.
  • Split rail with fixed chain
    It ensures quiet and smooth operation, which is extremely important, especially in garages located in the house and close to the bedroom.
  • Radio route WIŚNIOWSKI 868
    An excellent solution based on a two-way radio protocol that allows you to install and expand the control system without drilling into the wall. This is an ideal solution, especially for modernization or renovation.
  • Signal lamp
    The drive has a built-in LED signal lamp.
  • Possibility to connect photocells
    The system provides optimal protection when an obstacle appears between the photocells.
  • Possibility to install an electromagnetic engine lock
    It locks the drive in any position, increasing the safety of the garage door.
  • Possibility to connect an emergency power battery
    It allows you to open and close the gate in the event of a power failure.
  • Four-channel DART transmitter
    It allows you to remotely control the gate and program up to 4 different devices. It is made of durable materials, which translates into long-term efficiency of the device.
  • 2CH wall transmitter
    The two-channel transmitter allows you to control the drive via radio. The device has a feedback function about the gate position in the form of an LED diode.
  • SmartHome
    By installing an additional CONEX and OUTPUT board, it is possible to connect the gateway to virtually any cable smart home system.




  • Rated voltage: AC 220-240V
  • Rated frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Rated work: 3 cycles or 4 minutes
  • Space in the radio receiver's memory: 40
  • Turn-on time: S3 = 40%
  • Operating temperature from: -25℃ to +65℃
  • Emission value according to working environment: <59 dB(A) – drive only
  • Level of security : IP21
  • Protection class II: II
  • Max. travel: 2750mm
  • Max travel with extension: 4900 mm (2x 1096 mm)
  • Max speed* : 240 mm/s
  • Max. thrust and pressure force: 600 N
  • Rated thrust: 180 N
  • Max. current consumption: 0.8A
  • Rated current consumption** : 0.8 A
  • Max power consumption: 205 W
  • Rated power consumption**: 150 W
  • Power consumption in energy-saving mode: <3 W base/<1 W base+
  • Max. gate weight*: 120 kg

Max width/height:

  • Sectional doors: 4500mm / 2500mm
  • Up-and-over gates: 4500mm / 2750mm

* depending on the gateway and specific conditions of use
** values ​​without additional lighting, Lumi+
*** approximate value, depending on the gate design



  • Drive with SPARK 600 Wiśniowski rail
  • DART remote control – 2 pcs.
  • Fitting elements
  • Installation instructions
  • Warranty Card

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Wiśniowski is a Polish company that has been specializing in the production of high-quality built-in systems for over 30 years, including garage doors, industrial gates, doors and fences. The company began its operations in 1989 as a small family enterprise, and is currently one of the leading manufacturers on the construction market in Poland and Europe. The main products offered by Wiśniowski include:
  1. Garage doors: The company produces various types of garage doors, including sectional, tilting, rolling, and others, characterized by solid workmanship, modern design and advanced technological solutions.
  2. Industrial gates: Wiśniowski also offers industrial gates intended for use in production halls, warehouses and other industrial facilities, ensuring a high level of security and functionality.
  3. Doors: The company produces entrance, interior, technical and fire doors that provide protection, thermal and acoustic insulation, and aesthetic appearance.
  4. Fences: Wiśniowski also offers metal, aluminum and wooden fences that are durable, aesthetic and functional, ensuring property protection and privacy.
Wiśniowski is famous for the high quality of its products, innovation and commitment to technological development. The company has modern production plants using the latest technologies, which allows it to meet the highest quality standards. Thanks to its solid reputation and long-term experience, Wiśniowski has gained the trust of customers around the world. Its products are used in various sectors, from single-family homes to commercial facilities, ensuring not only functionality, but also aesthetics and durability.


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