2-CHANNEL WI-FI GATE CONTROLLER - a solution for people who prefer convenience!

Intelligent operation of equipment in our home has been gaining momentum for several years. That's why the 2-CHANNEL WI-FI GATE CONTROLLER is an ideal option for people who value technological innovations in every sphere. The ability to remotely control the gate is a great solution for people who cannot imagine leaving home without taking their phone. Moreover, remote opening and closing of the gate is an option that ensures convenient operation of gate automation.

The gate controller allows integration with any gate drive and gate and enables remote control of the gate via the Supla mobile application. The device is designed to be mounted directly in the drive. Thanks to the universal 12 – 24 V AC / DC power supply, it can be used in many applications. By connecting the signals from the limit switches to the controller inputs, we receive information about the opening and closing of the gate/wicket.

Product features :

  • Wireless control of the gate and wicket drive using Wi-Fi technology
  • Possibility to track the gate status by examining the status of limit switches
  • Possibility to control the controller via the Supla mobile application from anywhere in the world
  • Controller power supply 12-24V AC/DC

Technical data    

Mounting method For 60 mm electrical box
Power supply 12-24 V AC / DC
Wi-Fi transmission 2.4GHz 802.11 b/g/n
Maximum output current 3 A / 24 V AC

other data    

Height 47.5 mm
Width 47.5 mm
Depth 20 mm
Weight 0.04 kg

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