4-channel SMG-239 multi-system remote control 280MHz-868MHz

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Frequency: 280-868 MHz Number of channels: 4 Coding type: rolling code Power supply: 3V

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4-channel SMG-239 multi-system remote control 280MHz-868MHz available at ster-tronic.pl!

The possibilities offered to us by automatic gates are something that every person has asked. Not having to leave the car to open the gate is a definite comfort, but what if our gate remote control is damaged? The way out of this situation is to use the SMG-239 4-channel multi-system remote control 280MHz-868MHz, which, thanks to its universality, can work with equipment from various companies.

SMG-233 Multisystem remote control 280mhz-868mhz Liftmaster BFT, FAAC, V2, CAME, SOMMER

Replacement for remote controls with fixed and variable code frequency from 280 to 868 MHz

Up to 4 different remote controls in ONE! Each button can be programmed as a replacement for another brand, so you can control up to 4 devices from different manufacturers with one transmitter.

Universal multi is a replacement for fixed and rolling code remote controls with frequencies from 280 to 868 MHz

Dimensions: 7×2.5x1cm (length x width x height)

Automatic frequency scanning 280-868 Mhz

Product Name: Remote Control with Adjustable Cloning Frequency 433, 868, 315, 418MHz

Universal 280-868mhz Rolling Code Fixed Code Clone Garage Door Remote

Work with these rolling code remotes:

  • Aprimatic TR2/TR4, TM4
  • Beninca LO.T2WMR, T2WV/T4WV, TO.GO2WV/TO.GO4WV, Cupido, IO.2WV
  • Bft MITTO (Mitto2/Mitto4, Mitto B RCB 02 R1 2CH/Mitto B RCB 04 R1 4CH, Kleio2/Kleio4, RB, Ghibli)
  • Dea TR2/TR4, Genie 273, Złoto 288/Złoto 289
  • Ditec GOL4, BIXLP2
  • Faac 433 SLH (XT2 433 SLH/XT4 433 SLH; TML2 433 SLH/TML4 433 SLH, T2 433 SLH/T4 433 SLH) – *master
  • Faac 868 SLH (XT2 868 SLH/XT4 868 SLH, TML2 868 SLH/TML4 868 SLH, T2 868 SLH/T4 868 SLH, DL2 868 SLH/DL4 868 SLH) – *master
  • Fadini Jubi, Jubi Little
  • Genius Amigold2/Amigold4, JA332 (Amigo TX2 868), JA334 (Amigo TX4 868) – *master
  • Key TXB-42R/TXB-44R, SUB-44R
  • Mhouse TX4, GTX4, Moovo MT4
  • Nice FLOR (Flo1R/Flo2R/Flo4R, Very VR, One1/One2/One4/One9, One1E/One2E/One4E/One9E, Inti1/Inti2), SMILO (SM2/SM4)
  • Novoferm Novotron 502/Novotron 504
  • Sommer 434MHz, 868MHz

*master – Your original remote control must be master.

How to recognize a master/slave transmitter:

  • Master: If you press any button on the master transmitter, the LED will flash before becoming stable.
  • Slave: If you press any button on the Slave transmitter, the LED will immediately light up continuously.

EVO multi can also be a replacement for remote controls with a fixed code:

  • Beninca : LO.T2WMS, T2WK/T4WK, TO.GO2WP/TO.GO4WP
  • Came: TAM 432 SA, TOP 432 NA/TOP 434 NA, TOP 432 SD, TOP 432 EV/TOP 434 EV – instructional video
  • Dea: TD2/TD4, Genie 263, Gold 238, Gold 239
  • Faac: TM1/TM2/TM3 433 DS, TM1/TM2/TM3 868 DS
  • Hormann: 868.3 MHz remote controls (except BiSecur version)
  • Key: TXB-42, TXB-44
  • Marantec: 433.92 MHz and 868.3 MHz remotes
  • Nice: FLO1/FLO2/FLO4, very VE

*Can copy more brands such as: Motorline, Came Space, Nova, Normastahl, Qinuo, Juhui

  • At the moment, we only have remote controls in a gray housing

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Ster-Tronic is a Polish company specializing in the production and distribution of industrial automation and controllers for gates and roller shutters. Since its establishment in 2000, the company has been consistently developing its offer, offering high-quality products and solutions for various industries and applications. The products offered by Ster-Tronic include a wide range of controllers for sliding gates, swing gates, garage gates and roller shutters. The company is famous for the reliability of its products and innovation in the field of industrial automation. Their controllers are characterized by advanced functionalities, ease of use and the possibility of integration with other systems. Ster-Tronic also places great emphasis on professional customer service and technical support. The company offers comprehensive consulting and after-sales service, which contributes to customer satisfaction and building lasting business relationships. Thanks to continuous development and innovation, Ster-Tronic has gained recognition on the domestic and foreign markets, becoming one of the leading suppliers of industrial automation in Poland. Its products are used in various sectors, from small households to large industrial enterprises, ensuring not only convenience, but also safety and efficiency in everyday work.


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