eLR-C2-H 2K radio receiver, CAME equivalent, MULTI 433MHz

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The eLR-C2-H receivers are installed directly in all CAME controllers that have a Micro-MaTch male socket of the AMP-7-215464-2 type (red) for the radio card. They cooperate with transmitters operating at a frequency of 433.92MHz compliant with the KEELOQ coding system (400μs).

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The eLRC2 radio receiver is installed directly into all CAME control panels with a Micro-MaTch male socket for the radio card, type AMP-7-215464-8. Replaces radio cards such as: Came AF43S, Came AF43SP, Dtm SPC-433, SPE ECO Proxima, SPP POWER Proxima.

The eLRC2 radio card is available in two software versions:

  • eLRC2Q working in the Keeloq® high security system and allows you to remember eLdrim and Wiśniowski transmitters
  • eLRC2H works with almost all transmitters operating at a frequency of 433.92MHz, compatible with the Keeloq® coding system (Basic Pulse Element 400μs)

Basic features of eLRC2

  • Non-volatile memory of remote controls
  • eLRC2 remembers up to 36 remote controls in high security mode
  • eLRC2H stores up to 50 remote controls
  • It has the option of two-channel operation
  • Trouble-free installation in original CAME control panels
Technical data    

Power supply: from the control panel 5V DC
Maximum current consumption: max 15mA
Remote control memory: 50 remote controls with Keeloq dynamic code (Basic Pulse Element 400μs)
Operating temperature range: -20ºC +55ºC
External dimensions (width x depth x height): 42 x 34 x 10 mm
Housing: no housing, mounting via motherboard connector
Weight: 10 g
Output parameters
Outputs open collector - OC (type / quantity / max. load): NO / 2 / 50 mA
Output operating modes: monostable / 0, 7 sec.

Radio parameters    

Radio module: integrated, superheterodyne, ensuring high reliability, repeatability and resistance to radio interference
Transmission security: 64-bit Keeloq® dynamically variable code
Modulation type / frequency: ASK / 433.92 MHz
Antenna input impedance: 50 Ω
Antenna: internal antenna, no terminals for connecting an external antenna


User interface: Simple device installation, learning and configuration procedure, based on one LED and one button
Remote control configuration: Possibility to assign any button to the remote control
Possibility to delete the entire memory: yes
Possibility to delete a single remote control: no
Possibility to enter the remote control without having to access the receiver buttons : NO

Additional features     

  •     Non-volatile memory of remote controls
  •     Operation in bistable and monostable mode
  •     Trouble-free installation in original CAME control panels
  •     Equivalent to the original CAME receiver
  •     In Came devices, after programming the remote controls to the radio, program the radio to the controller using the remote control programming button no. 11 (see the Came manual) and the LED no. 10.

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