Electric gate lock Key horizontal 12 Vdc

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Electric gate lock Key horizontal 12 Vdc 12 Vdc - safety is the basis!

Nowadays, security awareness has increased tremendously. This is a positive trend because awareness of our safety is extremely important. Key gate automation, the Key horizontal 12 Vdc electric gate lock is a great option that combines comfort and the previously mentioned safety, so we can feel confident without having to worry about the safety of our property.

The Key horizontal 12 Vdc electric gate lock is a modern solution designed with safety and convenience of use of entrance gates in mind. This advanced locking mechanism uses electromagnetic technology to provide effective security for access to your property.

Product features and benefits:

  1. Supply voltage 12 Vdc : The electric lock operates at 12 Vdc, making it compatible with most power systems used in gate automation. Low supply voltage increases operational safety to allow easy integration into existing installations.
  2. Horizontal installation : The product is designed for horizontal installation to enable installation in a variety of gate types, including swing and sliding gates. Compact dimensions and simple installation mean that the electric lock can be installed discreetly, without disturbing the aesthetics of the gate.
  3. Solid construction : Made of high-quality materials, the electric lock is resistant to weather conditions, which ensures long-term and failure-free operation. The casing protects the mechanism against moisture, dust and mechanical damage.
  4. High level of security : The electric lock offers reliable security, effectively protecting against unauthorized access. The locking mechanism is difficult to force, which increases the security of the property.
  5. Easy integration with automation systems : The electric lock can be easily integrated with gate automation systems, which allows you to control the lock using remote controls, code keyboards or smart home systems. The ability to connect to control units allows you to synchronize the operation of the lock with the opening and closing of the gate.
  6. Low power consumption : Thanks to the use of modern technologies, the electric lock is characterized by low power consumption, which translates into energy savings and reduced operating costs.


The Key horizontal 12 Vdc electric gate lock is an ideal solution for owners of single-family houses. Residential estates and commercial facilities who are looking for a reliable and safe security system. It can be used in entrance gates, wickets and garage doors, ensuring a high level of protection and comfort of use.


The Key horizontal 12 Vdc electric gate lock is an investment in safety and convenience. Its solid construction, easy to install and high compatibility with gate automation systems. They make it a product worth recommending to anyone who values ​​modern and effective security solutions.

Technical Specifications:

Voltage: 12V

Tensile strength: up to 2000 kg

New locking system: with "swivel latch bolt"

Greater resistance to vibrations and impacts.

Steel security casing, completely covering the lock and cylinder.

Reversible, with variable entry from 50 mm to 80 mm.

Equipped with a new insert with a "swinging pin" that allows self-adjustment both vertically and horizontally.

Dual operating mode of the bolt with a swivel catch.

Interchangeable with commercially available lock models.

The set includes:

- Key horizontal electric gate lock ELS-C x 1 set.

- manual in Polish

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Key Automation is an Italian manufacturer of high-quality gate automation and access control systems. It specializes in the design, production and distribution of innovative solutions that ensure safety, comfort and convenience for users. Key Automation offers a wide range of products, including automation for sliding, swing and garage gates as well as access control systems, including video intercoms and intercoms. These products are characterized not only by solid workmanship and reliability, but also by modern design and advanced functionalities. Key Automation has gained recognition on the market thanks to its innovative approach to the design of its products and commitment to continuous technological development. Their products are used in both the private and commercial sectors, where they provide effective protection and access control. It is also worth noting that Key Automation also focuses on professional customer service and technical support, which contributes to building long-term relationships with customers and satisfaction with the use of their products. Thanks to high quality, innovative solutions and commitment to customer service, Key Automation has gained a reputation as a reliable partner in the gate automation and access control systems industry.


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