LN_Rolety Roller shutter controller 230VAC

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A controller designed to control an induction roller shutter motor with limit switches, powered by 230VAC / 50Hz, load capacity 3A/230AC. It has 2 relay channels and S1 and S2 inputs, which can independently implement one of six scenarios. Memory for up to 682 remote controls.
Produced in one of the systems (all variable code analyzed): Smilo, Flor*, Moovo, Mhouse, Beninca, Came Space, Faac FIX, Faac RC, Normstahl, DTM System
The controller can work with remote controls from the following manufacturers (the analyzed constant part of the code): Smilo, FAAC Fix, FAAC Rc, Beninca, Came Space, Wiśniowski, Elmes, Gorke, DTM System, BFT, Key, Inel, Solo, Tousek and many others.
The controller is also produced in the SOMFY and HORMANN versions (only system remote controls work)
Power supply: 230VAC
Power consumption: 12 mA/0.6W relay off
Exit: 2 x 3A/230AC relay NO
Number of remote controls: 682
Number of channels: 2 x 3A load capacity 230AC
Channel Modes:
  • Monostable (1-999) x 1s
  • Bistable
  • TDJN (As Long As You Press)
Dimensions: 36x42x21mm
Libra: 35g
  • intended for controlling an induction roller shutter motor with limit switches - load capacity 3A/230AC,
  • power supply 230VAC/ 50Hz,
  • each button (combination of buttons) of each remote control and two wired inputs S1 and S2 can independently implement one of the following scenarios:
  • step by step – lifting – stop – lowering – stop,
  • lifting the roller shutter, and when the roller shutter is moving, stop,
  • lowering the roller shutter, and when the roller shutter is moving, stop,
  • Stop,
  • lowering the blinds,
  • lifting the blinds,
  • You can remotely clone the remote control with a registered remote control (option),
  • fits into an installation box with internal diameter. 55mm,
  • programmable lifting/lowering time 4-240s,
  • superheterodyne receiver,
  • After turning on the power, the controller displays the memory capacity of the remote controls - 682 - via the LED.

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