Remote control 4G433 433.92MHz eLdrim ELBRAM

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Manufacturer: STER-TRONIC Model: 4G433 Frequency: 433.92 MHz Number of channels: 4 Coding type: rolling code Power supply: 12V

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4G433 433.92MHz eLdrim ELBRAM remote control with carrier frequency stabilization!

A four-channel 4G433 remote control that uses a dynamically variable code, thanks to which it works with the Keeloq system. The remote control itself has an extremely interesting appearance because it is equipped with fluorescent buttons that help us in the dark. The frequency stabilizer helps ensure trouble-free operation of the device, extending the actual operating time of the remote control on one battery.

Remote 4G433 is a remote control with a code dynamically changing system based Keeloq by Microchip Technology Inc. Each code transmission is different due to its application  nonlinear algorithm, which generates 66 bit code in combination with 28 bit serial number gives 268 million combinations for what the chance of repeating the same code sequence may occur only after 18 years, if we use the remote control dten times daily.

Additionally, the remote control was used stabilization of carrier frequency operation, which significantly extends the failure-free operation time, regardless of external conditions. The standard remote control is without printing. When ordering larger quantities, you can order an individual print.

Technical data    

Number of buttons:    4
Carrier frequency:    433.92MHz
Battery powered:    type 23A alkaline 12V
Remote control range:    50-130 m
Effective transmit power:    Class II transmitter below 10 mW
Battery powered:    type 23A alkaline 12V (battery included)
Modulation:    OOK
Coding system:    Keeloq
Case:    plastic
Working temperature:    -10°C / +55°C
Remote control dimensions:    62x35x13mm
Libra:    22 g
Radio way:    ELDRIM433,ELBRAM433
Guarantee:    24 months

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