Pilot Wayne Dalton 3BTM-A433 replacement

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Manufacturer: STER-TRONIC Model: SMG-015WD-433 Frequency: 433.92 MHz Number of channels: 4 Coding type: rolling code Power supply: 12V

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Wayne Dalton 3BTM-A433 remote control - high-quality equipment!

Gate remote controls are everyday devices that are extremely useful for every person who uses a gate on their property. The Wayne Dalton 3BTM-A433 remote control is an extremely low weight device, so storing it does not take up much space, and the remote control fits easily in your pocket. In our online store you will find only the highest quality equipment, so don't wait and order it now!

Remote control model: SMG-015WD-433
Number of channels: 4 buttons
Remote control frequency: 433.92 MHz
Coding system: variable code
Remote control color: black
Remote control power supply: battery: 1 x A27 12V
Weight: 10 g
Remote control dimensions: 62x38x14 mm
Security level housing against external factors: IP40
Type of housing: metal and plastic
Compatibility with radio receivers: Wayne Dalton 3BTM-A433
Operating temperature: -10°C +50°C
Notes on programming the remote control: The presented remote control works in the Keeloq dynamically variable coding system.
In order for it to work with the drive and open the gate, it must be programmed. In virtually every case, programming such a remote control requires access to a radio receiver located in the closed housing of the control panel or nearby. If you intend to operate a housing estate gate drive using the remote control purchased from us, you need access to the radio receiver, which can be additionally secured access code. Without knowing the code, it is not possible to program the remote control, so we advise you to contact the estate administration to purchase a remote control that works with the estate gate drive. Programming remote controls: Programming CARDIN remote controls. Programming remote controls is done by pressing a button: press the programming button in the controller and at the same time press the button of the new remote control, when the LED is flashing, after a while it will start flashing quickly. Release the buttons. Press the first button of your new remote control.

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Ster-Tronic is a Polish company specializing in the production and distribution of industrial automation and controllers for gates and roller shutters. Since its establishment in 2000, the company has been consistently developing its offer, offering high-quality products and solutions for various industries and applications. The products offered by Ster-Tronic include a wide range of controllers for sliding gates, swing gates, garage gates and roller shutters. The company is famous for the reliability of its products and innovation in the field of industrial automation. Their controllers are characterized by advanced functionalities, ease of use and the possibility of integration with other systems. Ster-Tronic also places great emphasis on professional customer service and technical support. The company offers comprehensive consulting and after-sales service, which contributes to customer satisfaction and building lasting business relationships. Thanks to continuous development and innovation, Ster-Tronic has gained recognition on the domestic and foreign markets, becoming one of the leading suppliers of industrial automation in Poland. Its products are used in various sectors, from small households to large industrial enterprises, ensuring not only convenience, but also safety and efficiency in everyday work.


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