Prestige remote control case (small teardrop), 2-button

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Prestige "Small TEAR" remote control case, 2-button, which you can find in our offer

Every person who values ​​their safety knows that in order to maintain it, it is necessary to equip themselves with items that will help us increase our protection. The Prestige "Little TEAR" remote control case, 2-button, is made of high-quality materials, so it can withstand more than classic cases available on the market. Don't wait and order it now!

Complete remote control housing for PRESTIGE, AMX-G, OPL150, APS150, APS150MX car alarms.

Two buttons, one larger one in black and one smaller one in green, a lower casing with a bulge for the battery.

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Proxima is an innovative electronics manufacturer specializing in the automation of gate systems. The company is known for high-quality products and advanced technological solutions that allow for efficient and safe control of gates and other automation devices. Their products include a variety of electronic components, such as gate controllers, photocells, remote controls, central control units and many other accessories necessary for the comprehensive functioning of automatic systems. What distinguishes Proxima on the market is not only the high quality of the products offered, but also the attention to innovation and continuous improvement. The company constantly monitors trends in the automation industry and introduces new solutions that enable even more effective and comfortable use of gate systems. Thanks to its solid reputation, professional approach to customers and commitment to technological development, Proxima has gained the trust of customers around the world, becoming one of the leading manufacturers of electronics for gate automation.


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