RFID proximity card ATLO-307*P200 13.56 MHz S50

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Thin PVC proximity card

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Thin PVC proximity card
. Dosage:

In the package: 200 pcs. The given price is per package
Standard: 13.56 MHz S50
Compatibility: ISO/IEC 14443A
Possibility to program the serial number (ID):
Possibility to save to internal memory: 1 kB
Serial number print:
Selected features: Range: ~ 10 cm,
Libra: 0.005 kg
Dimensions: 86 x 54 x 0.8 mm
Manufacturer / Brand: ATLO
Guarantee: 2 years

Additional information

Libra 1.21 kg











The ATLO brand is also known as a manufacturer of access control systems. Offering advanced solutions ensuring security and control in various types of facilities and institutions. ATLO access control systems can be used in office buildings, public institutions, schools, shopping centers and many other places. Where there is a need to manage access to specific zones or rooms. ATLO offers a wide range of access control products, including proximity card readers, biometric readers, access management systems and monitoring and reporting software. Their solutions are designed to be easy to install, operate and configure, while ensuring a high level of security and reliability. Thanks to an innovative approach to design and high quality of its products. The ATLO brand has gained recognition among customers who value not only the functionality, but also the durability and effectiveness of access control systems. As a result, ATLO systems are widely used in various industries and sectors where security and access control are crucial.


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