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HATO 400Y AUTOMATIC SLIDING GATES with slowdown (1 remote control, HELB11 control unit, photocells, lamp) up to 600 kg. 

The HATO line of sliding gate drives has been designed for home and industrial use.

The drives are equipped with a gear wheel and an output force allowing for more intensive work in a short period of time.

In the event of a power failure, you can manually unlock the gate using the key provided.

A reliable drive for sliding gates for residential use, equipped with a magnetic encoder that ensures maximum safety and precision of the actuator.

The gear of the flagship HATO 400Y is made of bronze and steel.

Features of the HATO 400Y sliding gate drive

  • built-in control panel of Polish production
  • slowdown when starting and stopping the drive (soft START/STOP)
  • radio receiver memory – 28 transmitters
  • bronze and steel gear
  • possibility of connecting photocells
  • mechanical limit switches
  • equipped with an encoder

The HATO 400Y machine is equipped with a number of functions that improve everyday work.

Deceleration – a system that allows you to regulate the speed of the gate in the end positions. thanks to this solution, gate elements, such as mountings, handles, toothed strips, gear wheel or posts, extend their service life.

SBS sequential output – enables additional control of the gate using devices such as: reset button (bell), control. via mobile phone, control via intercom, control. using an alarm control panel, or other external devices that are equipped with a low-current relay output can be integrated with the drive.

Magnetic limit switches - by eliminating the mechanical connection between the gate cams and the drive, we gain greater precision when setting the end positions, this solution eliminates the problem with snow accumulating on the switch, which could affect the correct positioning of the gate. In practice, it speeds up the assembly of the entire control system.

Emergency unlocking – in the event of a power loss, you can easily unlock the drive, which will allow you to open the gate. To disengage the drive (the flap in the lower part), simply insert the key included in the set, then pull out the deployment flap. Now we can manually open and close the gate

Signal range - the set includes a remote control, the range of which is 25-35 m depending on the type of fence, you can further increase the signal range thanks to the antenna built into the lamp included in the set. It is important to make the extension using a 50 Ohm coaxial cable.

Adjusting the drive power - the drive is equipped with a potentiometer that regulates the drive's operating force, which allows for individual adjustment of the power to the weight of the gate.

Pedestrian traffic - the drive has two gate opening modes. standard opens the gate 100% and pedestrian mode opens the gate to a width of approx. 1 meter.

Security – Slide 10/15 is equipped with an encoder, a device that checks the correct opening and closing of the gate each time. Additionally, the set includes photocells that protect the gate from closing when there is an obstacle in the gate's view. Another protection is an overload sensor, which activates when the gate senses resistance before reaching the end position.

Rolling code Keeloq 433.92Mhz - our company's remote controls are protected by a rolling code in the "Keeloq" encryption system, you can only log in to HATO drives, this is an additional protection against logging in foreign, unsecured remote controls.

CE + declaration of conformity – HATO confirms that the product meets the requirements of European Union directives.

Warranty – 24 months.


  • Supply voltage: AC 230V 50Hz
  • Motor power: 160 W
  • Gate moving speed: 12 m/min
  • Maximum gate weight: 600 kg
  • Remote control distance: ≥ 30 m
  • Engine speed: 1400 rpm.
  • Output torque: 10 Nm
  • Noise: ≤ 60 dB
  • Control unit: HEL B11
  • Remote control battery type: 23 A (12 V)
  • Frequency: 433.92 MHz with rolling code
  • Operating temperature: -40°C ~ +70°C
  • Dimensions: 263 mm x 215 mm x 270 mm


  • HATO 400Y drive
  • Fitting elements
  • HELB11 control unit
  • photocells
  • LED warning lamp
  • remote
  • assembly instructions with warranty card

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Hato is a renowned manufacturer of automation systems for gates, doors, barriers and access control systems. The company was founded in Taiwan and has been providing innovative solutions to customers around the world for over 30 years. The main products offered by Hato include motors for sliding, swing and garage gates, roller shutter and awning drives, remote control systems, remote controls, photocells, access control systems and other gate automation accessories. They are characterized by solid workmanship, reliability and advanced functionalities that ensure safety, comfort and convenience for users. Hato is known for its commitment to technological innovation and continuous development of its products. The company constantly introduces new solutions that are in line with the latest trends and standards in the automation industry. In addition, Hato also offers professional technical advice and after-sales service, which contributes to customer satisfaction and building lasting business relationships. Thanks to its solid reputation, high-quality products and commitment to technological development, Hato has gained recognition among customers around the world. Its products are used in various sectors, from single-family homes to commercial facilities, ensuring not only safety, but also convenience and efficiency in everyday use.


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