SOMMER STArter S2+ drive for sliding gates 400 kg

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SOMMER STArter S2+ drive for sliding gates 400 kg

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SOMMER STArter S2+ drive for sliding entrance gates with a maximum weight of 400 kg and a maximum width of 8 m

Set contains:

  • S2+ starter drive
  • control system
  • radio receiver
  • 2 Pearl Twin 2-channel remote controls
  • set of photocells 7020
  • set of fastening elements
  • installation instructions
  • Warranty Card

Intelligent STArter S2 series drives are ideal drives for small and medium-sized sliding gates. A perfectly designed controller provides many connection options. In addition to convenient wireless operation, they also enable integration with the Smart Home SOMweb and Delta Dore systems. The STArter S2+ sliding gate drive offers many benefits in terms of gate weight, travel and speed.

Optimized speed control in the STArter S2 series drives ensures incomparable smoothness of the gate movement. Optimized smooth movement causes the gate to gently move to the end positions.

STArter S2 and STArter S2+ sliding gate drives can be extended with the Smart Home function. They are factory compatible with the SOMweb Smart Home solution. Using an additional module, they also enable integration with the Delta Dore Smart Home system.

The controller provides numerous options for connecting safety devices and individual accessories that allow you to expand the range of drive functions. Plug-in, colored connection terminals ensure a convenient and reliable connection (they are not interchangeable).

The SOMloq2 two-way radio system enables convenient, wireless opening and closing of the sliding gate in any weather. 128-bit AES encryption ensures the highest level of security.

The SOMlink service interface allows you to configure settings and parameters via smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Advantages of the STArter drive:

  • Confirmed quality – "Made in Germany". The drive meets all safety standards!
  • Attractive design
  • For gates with a maximum leaf width of 8 m and a weight of 400 kg!
  • The highest safety for its users - when the drive encounters an obstacle, it stops and moves in the opposite direction. This guarantees safety, especially for the youngest users
  • It secures the gate and makes it difficult for unauthorized persons to open it from the outside!
  • Unique technology. High-quality materials such as stainless steel, aluminum and special plastic guarantee very high mechanical durability,
  • Quiet operation - they have a slowing down function when reaching the end positions, which translates into smooth, quiet movement of the gate, which ensures long life of the engine and drive gear.
  • Safe actuators powered by 24 V, which guarantees protection against electric shock,
  • Potential-free relay output for integrating the drive with building automation or alarm systems
  • Practical - equipped with a gate function (partial opening of the gate, e.g. 1 m to drive a motorcycle out)!
  • Secure radio system. Radio control 868.8 MHz with Rollingcode dynamically variable code. Our remote controls are resistant to interference generated by, for example, wireless Internet and WIFI installations, weather stations and other such devices. Thus, they guarantee excellent coverage in virtually all circumstances.
  • Energy-saving thanks to the use of a ring-core transformer, it consumes only 3 W in standby mode!
  • Does not freeze in winter - operating temperature range from -20°C to +50°C!
  • Reliable (does not freeze in winter), does not break, easy to use, secured with a key, emergency unlocking system of the drive in the event of a power failure,
  • Automatic closing function
  • Lubrication with oil or grease is not necessary - see the user manual

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Sommer is a German company specializing in the production of automation for garage doors, sliding gates and access control systems. The company was founded in 1980 and has since gained recognition as one of the leading brands in the building automation market. Sommer's products are characterized by high quality, reliability and innovative technological solutions. The company's offer includes gate motors, remote controls, security systems and accessories for comprehensive control of moving building elements. Sommer is famous for continuous technological development and attention to customer needs. The company constantly introduces new solutions that aim to increase the convenience, safety and efficiency of using automation systems. In addition, Sommer also places great emphasis on ecology and energy efficiency, offering products that comply with the latest norms and standards. Thanks to its solid reputation, innovation and high quality of its products, Sommer has gained the trust of customers around the world. Its products are used in both the private and commercial sectors, meeting a variety of building automation and access control needs.


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