Somfy PROXIMA HB remote control for built-in car

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PROXIMA HB Somfy remote control for built-in car, allowing you to operate up to four channels at the same time!

Ensuring comfort while driving is the key to comfortable traveling. For this reason, in our store you will find a remote control for Somfy's PROXIMA HB car, which will allow you to operate up to four different channels, and most importantly, the equipment can be easily adapted to your needs, so driving a car has never been so pleasant.

HB remote control for installation in a car. It is the only one on the market that has the E20 approval necessary to install a remote control in motor vehicles.

Compatible with one of:



  • Frequency: 433.92MHz
  • Number of channels:    4
  • Power supply: 12V 24V
  • Current consumption: 10 mA
  • Dimensions: 40 x 50 x 20 mm
  • Weight: 44g

Why a built-in remote control?

operation with the high beam switch, horn or any switch, convenience - when you want to open the gate, just blink the high beam lights, turn on the horn or switch the selected original car button, safety - the greatest safety is ensured by the inconvenience of carrying the remote control with you. Leaving the remote control in the car gives you free access to the facility in the event of its theft, the built-in remote control is difficult to steal, and for greater security (the vehicle is parked near the facility) you can connect the remote control so that the ignition is required for its operation, aesthetics - the remote control is rarely gate or garage is a cockpit decoration, the only one on the market with E20 approval - a condition for installation in motor vehicles, the CE mark is not sufficient.  

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