Sommer remote control for industrial doors with 200 GIGAcom commands

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Transmitter for industrial gates with 200 commands

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Sommer remote control for industrial doors with 200 GIGAcom commands

Transmitter for industrial gates with 200 commands
Enables control of 100 gates (opening and closing - this gives 200 commands)
Preselection of the appropriate command using the keyboard
The favorites function allows direct control of the gate
Easy operation (also with gloves) thanks to large buttons
Resistance to weather conditions;
ideal solution for indoor and outdoor use Can be used as a wall transmitter thanks to the included aluminum wall bracket
Radio receiver confirms receipt of the command;
the feedback message is signaled by an LED on the transmitter Possibility of transmitting commands via SOMloq2-compatible receivers

Uninterrupted control signal
128-bit encryption
Impact resistant
Two-way radio system

Radio system – SOMloq2
Radio commands – 200
Frequency – FM 868.8 MHz, FM 868.95 MHz
Range – approx. 50 m (depending on the environment)
Temperature range: – from −20°C to +55°C
Protection level – IP64
Battery – 3 V, type CR 123A
Dimensions – 147 × 48 × 30 mm

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Sommer is a German company specializing in the production of automation for garage doors, sliding gates and access control systems. The company was founded in 1980 and has since gained recognition as one of the leading brands in the building automation market. Sommer's products are characterized by high quality, reliability and innovative technological solutions. The company's offer includes gate motors, remote controls, security systems and accessories for comprehensive control of moving building elements. Sommer is famous for continuous technological development and attention to customer needs. The company constantly introduces new solutions that aim to increase the convenience, safety and efficiency of using automation systems. In addition, Sommer also places great emphasis on ecology and energy efficiency, offering products that comply with the latest norms and standards. Thanks to its solid reputation, innovation and high quality of its products, Sommer has gained the trust of customers around the world. Its products are used in both the private and commercial sectors, meeting a variety of building automation and access control needs.


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