Sommer Twist 350 drive – only for 1 4m leaf

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Efficient drive for swing gates with a leaf width of up to 4 m

Like the twist 200 E and the twist 200 EL, the twist 350 can also be used universally: on the right and left mullion, and for operation in the 1- and 2-leaf versions. And in an elegant version with a leaf width of up to 4 m or a leaf weight of 700 kg

Product advantages

  • Safety thanks to the possibility of significant load on the drive

  • The patented brake system protects the gear motor against mechanical overload. The drive easily withstands extreme forces of up to 2 tons, resulting from e.g. wind force, vandalism or burglary attempts

  • Optimum use of force thanks to gentle running

  • The adjustable gentle ramp-style gear, which prevents unnecessary power loss, ensures efficient use of force.

  • Features that increase the comfort of everyday life

  • Thanks to the entrance leaf function, you can open only one gate leaf to, for example, enter the property with a bicycle. Thanks to this, the user does not have to install additional doors to the garden and thus has access to the entire width of the driveway

  • The automatic closing function ensures that the gate closes after passing through. After passing the photocell, the gate closes automatically after a certain time

  • Accident protection thanks to electronically regulated force measurement

  • The drive is self-programming, and thanks to the DPS system (automatic programming of the opening and closing force), it operates in the most economical way in given conditions. It adapts to the surrounding conditions and always moves at the same speed. Obstacles signal the drive to suddenly require more force. In this case, the drive stops or reverses. This avoids personal injury and material damage

  • Safety thanks to self-locking

  • If you try to push the drive in, this is prevented by the self-locking force. Even in the case of closed gates exposed to strong wind, the drive automatically resists the wind's force.

  • No power – what then?

  • To open the gate even in the event of a power failure, you can also manually activate the mechanical emergency release using the key. Even with a significant pressure exerted on the drive, it is possible to release the unlocking device with little force and thus gain access to the property.

  • Thoughtful down to the last detail

  • Since the cable exit is not located on the bottom, damage to the cables caused by friction against the ground can be avoided. This allows for a lower installation height on a stable lower gate post. The result is better power transmission and greater aesthetics.

  • Large and small gate leaf

  • A small entrance leaf usually requires a weaker drive than a larger gate leaf. The option of combining drives allows you to save costs and eliminate the need to purchase an oversized drive.

  • Mixed operation is possible with twist 200 E/EL and twist XL* drives.

    * twist 200 E/EL drives and twist 350-/XL controllers can only be used in conjunction with the "twist XS" conversion kit (cat. no. 3248V000).


twist 350 

Gate leaf weight:

Max. 700 kg**

Gate leaf width:

Max. 4 m***



Supply voltage:

AC 220 – 240 V

Motor voltage:

DC 24V

Rated frequency:

50/60 Hz

Temperature range:

–30°C to +70°C

Level of security:

Drive: IP44
Controller: IP65


The set includes 2 actuators with a control unit

and 868.8 MHz receiver, set of photocells, 1

4-channel Pearl remote control (# 4018V000) or 2-remote controls

2-channel Pearl Twin (#S10019‑00001).

** for single-leaf gates, with a leaf width of max. 1.5 m
*** for single-leaf gates, with a leaf weight of max. 250 kg

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Sommer is a German company specializing in the production of automation for garage doors, sliding gates and access control systems. The company was founded in 1980 and has since gained recognition as one of the leading brands in the building automation market. Sommer's products are characterized by high quality, reliability and innovative technological solutions. The company's offer includes gate motors, remote controls, security systems and accessories for comprehensive control of moving building elements. Sommer is famous for continuous technological development and attention to customer needs. The company constantly introduces new solutions that aim to increase the convenience, safety and efficiency of using automation systems. In addition, Sommer also places great emphasis on ecology and energy efficiency, offering products that comply with the latest norms and standards. Thanks to its solid reputation, innovation and high quality of its products, Sommer has gained the trust of customers around the world. Its products are used in both the private and commercial sectors, meeting a variety of building automation and access control needs.


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