Cedrus – Innovative Solutions for Garden and Home

Cedrus is a renowned brand that has been providing high-quality gardening tools and equipment for years, making it easier to care for gardens and take care of your home environment. Our products are synonymous with reliability, durability and modern technological solutions that meet the expectations of both professionals and gardening enthusiasts.

About us

Cedrus is a brand with a rich history that aims to provide innovative and functional products that make everyday work in the garden and around the house easier. Thanks to many years of experience and commitment to research and development, our tools and equipment are characterized by exceptional quality and performance.

Our offer
  1. Gardening tools:
    • Lawnmowers : A wide range of lawnmowers, from manual to electric to petrol, which ensure precise mowing of the lawn.
    • Brushcutters and brushcutters : Perfect for precise trimming of grass in hard-to-reach places.
    • Hedge Trimmers : Both electric and petrol powered, making it easy to shape and maintain hedges.
  2. Equipment for the care of trees and shrubs:
    • Chainsaws : Efficient and easy-to-use saws that can be used both for cutting firewood and for tree care.
    • Branch Shredders : Essential for turning branches into compost or wood chips, helping to keep your garden tidy.
  3. Cultivation and irrigation equipment:
    • Tillers : Facilitating the preparation of soil for crops, both in small gardens and on larger plots.
    • Irrigation systems : Modern solutions for automatic watering of plants, ensuring optimal garden irrigation.
  4. Garden accessories:
    • Gloves, Pruning Shears and Shovels : High-quality hand tools that are essential for any gardening job.
Advantages of Cedrus products
  • Reliability : All our products are carefully tested to ensure the highest quality and durability.
  • Innovation : We focus on modern technologies that increase the comfort and efficiency of work in the garden.
  • Ergonomics : Our tools are designed with user comfort in mind, making gardening work less tiring.
  • Ecology : We care about the environment by offering products that are energy-saving and nature-friendly.
contact us

If you want to learn more about our products, please visit our website or contact our customer service. Our specialists will be happy to help you choose the right tools and equipment that will best meet your needs.

Cedrus is your reliable partner in garden and home care. Choose quality, innovation and reliability – choose Cedrus.