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Discover our innovative line of home automation devices that will make your everyday life easier and ensure comfort, safety and energy efficiency.

Smart Sockets

Remotely control your outlet devices with our smart outlets. You can easily control them using the app on your smartphone and set schedules and scenarios.

Motion and Light Sensors

Increase security and comfort in your home with our motion and light sensors. Thanks to them, the lighting will turn on automatically as soon as motion is detected and will turn off when it is not needed.

Smart Thermostats

Optimize the temperature in your home and save on heating bills with our smart thermostats. Thanks to them, you can easily control the temperature in any room, even remotely.

IP cameras

Feel safe by monitoring your surroundings with our IP cameras. Thanks to the high image resolution and night mode, nothing will escape your attention.

Gates and Rollettes

Remotely control the gates and roller shutters in your home with our devices. Thanks to them, you can open and close gates and roller shutters from anywhere in the world.

Help and Advice

You don't know which Supla devices are perfect for your home? Contact us! Our team of experts are ready to provide help and advice at any time.

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