Convenient and Safe Solutions Thanks to Proximity Readers

Discover Innovative Security Technologies

Proximity readers are advanced devices that offer fast, convenient and safe access and identification methods. Let us introduce you to the possibilities offered by our proximity readers. Which provide extraordinary comfort and safety in your work or home environment.

How do proximity readers work?

Proximity readers use RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology, which enables communication between the reader. A proximity card or other device installed over a short distance. The identification process is quick, eliminating the need to insert the card into the reader.

Benefits of Using Contactless Readers
  • Convenient Authentication : Users can easily and quickly verify their identity by tapping the card to the reader, without having to insert it into the device.
  • Quick Access : The identification process is instantaneous, which allows for quick access to protected resources or rooms.
  • Security : Unique proximity cards or IDs provide a high level of security, eliminating the risk of unauthorized access.
Applications of Proximity Readers
  • Access Control : They are used to control access to buildings, office rooms, warehouses and other protected areas.
  • Payment Systems : They are also used in contactless payment systems in companies, universities and public institutions.
  • Working Time Registration : They are used to record employees' working time, which enables effective personnel management.