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ADP-30A3 intercom

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ADP-12A3 intercom

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Discover Convenience and Security with Analog Intercoms

Analog intercoms are a key element of security and comfort in every building. Thanks to them, you can control who enters your home or company, ensuring peace and security for yourself and your loved ones.

Why choose an analog intercom?

  1. Ease of use : Analog intercoms are intuitive and easy to use. Thanks to simple functions, anyone can use them easily.
  2. Reliability : Analog technology is known for its reliability. These types of intercoms often work even in conditions where other systems may fail.
  3. Security : You control access to your building. Thanks to the possibility of voice and visual communication, you can make sure that you only let in trusted people.
  4. Availability of spare parts : If repairs are needed, spare parts for analog systems are widely available, which means a quick and hassle-free repair.

Functions of analog intercoms

  • Two-way communication : Talking directly to the person outside before entering.
  • Opening the door remotely : Possibility to open the door using a button on the panel or a remote control.
  • Visual control : Monitoring the area in front of the house thanks to a video camera.
  • Multi-door systems : Solutions for multi-family buildings where there is a need to serve multiple apartments or offices.

Safety and comfort for you

Don't let unknown guests disturb your peace. Install an analog intercom and gain full control over access to your home or company. Our solutions are reliable, easy to use and provide extraordinary comfort of everyday use.

Contact us today to learn more about our analog intercoms and find the perfect solution for you!