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INS-UA-G2 ACO analog uniphone

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INS-UA720M-G2 ACO analog uniphone

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INS-UP720BX-G2 ACO digital uniphone

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Analog uniphones – Connect traditionally, enjoy modern convenience

Our extensive offer includes analog uniphones that will ensure reliable communication in a simple and proven way. Thanks to traditional technology, these devices are not only easy to install and use, but also guarantee stability and comfort of use.

Why is it worth choosing analog uniphones?

Ease of use:** Analog uniphones are intuitive to use, which makes them ideal for those who prefer traditional forms of communication.

Operational reliability:** Thanks to their simplicity and stability, analog uniphones ensure constant connection and communication inside the building, regardless of the conditions

Safety in everyday use:** A fast and reliable connection is crucial to ensuring a sense of security in the building, both for household members and employees