Welcome to the world of modern solutions that ensure safety and comfort. Welcome to proximity readers with keyboard!

Proximity readers with a built-in keyboard are innovative devices. Which combine the advantages of RFID technology with the possibility of entering additional access codes. Thanks to this, they provide not only quick and convenient access, but also an additional level of security.

Why is it worth choosing proximity readers with keyboards?

  1. Security : The keyboard allows you to enter an additional access code, which protects the system against unauthorized access. This is an ideal solution when you want to increase the level of control over access to a protected area.
  2. Versatility : Proximity readers with keyboards are used in various areas, from offices to educational institutions, from residential buildings to industrial facilities. They are an ideal solution for access control, work time management and employee attendance monitoring.
  3. Convenience of use : Despite the additional keyboard, proximity readers remain intuitive and easy to use. Entering the access code only takes a moment, which makes using the system smooth and efficient.

Our offer includes a wide selection of proximity readers with keyboards, tailored to various needs and requirements. We offer solutions for companies, institutions and private individuals who value safety and convenience in everyday functioning.