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VTO2202F-P-S2 DAHUA video intercom

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Switch VTNS2003B-2 DAHUA 2-wire

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2-Wire 48V Wired Video Intercoms – Modern Security Solutions

Are you looking for a solid and reliable video intercom system for your home or office? Discover our range of 2-wire video intercoms with 48V power supply - the perfect solution for demanding security needs.

Why Choose Our Wired Video Intercoms?

1. Exceptional Image Quality: Our wired video intercoms provide excellent image quality, so you have a clear and distinct view of what is happening in front of your door.

2. Simple Installation: Thanks to the 48V power supply and the use of only two wires, our wired video intercoms are easy to install even for people with no electrical experience.

3. Integrated Sound and Video System: Our video intercoms not only offer video, but also provide two-way audio communication, allowing you to talk to the people outside your door.

4. Multiple Device Support: Our wired video intercoms are compatible with various accessories and devices, such as additional cameras, card readers, and monitoring systems.

5. Security and Privacy: We ensure that our wired video intercoms are designed with user security and privacy in mind, ensuring full control over access to your home or office.

Our Product Offer

  1. 2-Wire 48V Wired Video Intercoms: We offer various models of wired video intercoms with 48V power supply, which can be adapted to individual needs and requirements.
  2. Additional accessories: Our offer also includes various accessories, such as additional cameras, motion sensors or card readers, which can be integrated with our wired video intercoms.

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Install 2-wire 48V wired video intercoms and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your home or office is protected. Contact us today to learn more about our products and solutions tailored to your needs!