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Checkpoint PK-3

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PK-2 checkpoint

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PATROL-II-LCD guard work recorder

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Manage Guard Work with Efficiency and Precision

Do you want to increase the efficiency of your company's security management? In today's business world, monitoring the work of guards is becoming more and more important. Thanks to innovative technological solutions available on the market, you can optimize the processes of monitoring and managing security activities.

Our Services and Products
  1. Working Time Monitoring Systems : We offer advanced systems for tracking the working time of guards. Thanks to them, you can precisely monitor the start and end times of work, breaks and other aspects related to working time.
  2. Biometric Devices : Security is a priority. Our biometric devices enable employee identification using fingerprints, facial scans or other unique biometric characteristics, eliminating the possibility of unauthorized access.
  3. Location Systems : Thanks to advanced GPS systems, you can track the location of guards in real time. This not only increases safety, but also allows for optimal staff planning in various areas of activity.
  4. Reporting and Data Analysis : Our systems not only collect data, but also offer tools for analyzing and reporting it. You can quickly obtain information on individual employee performance, hours worked and other important parameters.