Gerda is a Polish company specializing in the production and distribution of building security products, including doors, locks, handles and access control systems. For over 30 years, the company has been providing innovative solutions, ensuring a high level of security for customers around the world.

The main products offered by Gerda include:

  1. Doors: Gerda produces various types of doors, including entrance doors, interior doors, anti-burglary doors, technical doors, and fire doors. They are characterized by solid workmanship, high-quality materials and modern design, ensuring customers not only safety, but also aesthetics.
  2. Locks and handles: The company offers a wide selection of locks for entrance and interior doors, handles, hinges and other accessories that increase the security and functionality of doors.
  3. Access control systems: Gerda provides advanced access control systems, including electronic locks, card readers, codes and other solutions enabling access management to buildings.

Gerda is known for the high quality of its products and commitment to continuous technological development. The company has its own research laboratories where it tests the safety and durability of its products, which allows it to provide customers with the highest level of protection.

Thanks to its solid reputation and long-term experience, Gerda has become one of the leading manufacturers in the building security industry. Its products are appreciated by both individual and institutional customers, providing not only protection, but also peace and comfort to users.