Kompo is a Polish company specializing in the production of GSM devices that enable remote control of various electrical devices, such as gates, roller shutters, alarm systems and heating. Kompo products allow users to control their systems without having to be physically present at the installation site.

The main products offered by Kompo include:

  1. GSM modules: Allow you to remotely control devices by connecting to the GSM network. This allows users to control various functions of their home or office using their mobile phone or mobile application.
  2. Alarm systems: Kompo also produces advanced alarm systems that can be remotely controlled and monitored using GSM modules. This provides additional protection for homes, offices and other facilities.
  3. Other accessories: The company also offers a variety of accessories such as SIM cards, GSM antennas and other components needed for the installation and use of GSM systems.

Kompo products are characterized by high quality of workmanship, reliability and ease of installation and operation. The company also places great emphasis on technological innovation, constantly introducing new solutions that respond to customer needs and changing market conditions.

Thanks to its solid reputation and commitment to technological development, Kompo has gained the trust of customers both on the domestic and foreign markets. Its products are used in various sectors, helping users manage their electrical systems conveniently, safely and efficiently.